Instructions for use

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Difficulty opening the seat when you overload the BIG BOX

If you overload the BIG BOX, the seat of your Vespa may have difficulty opening:
When you store your helmets or objects that are a little too bulky.
Discover in these videos the 2 cases where this can happen to you, as well as the simple method to remedy it.

Case 1: With helmets

Case 2: With your stuff

Optimum fit of the BIG BOX on your Vespa

To ensure that the BIG BOX fits perfectly on your Vespa, it is essential to position it correctly in the slot provided. You may need to apply a little pressure to insert it correctly. If you notice any resistance during fitting, we recommend that you gently push the BIG BOX from the inside outwards, using moderate force to ensure it fits.

2 ways to position your jet helmets

In addition to being able to store 2 jet helmets inside the BIG BOX, which is a considerable advantage for its users,
you have the possibility to position them in 2 different ways.

N°1 : Face to face

placer casques jet face face 4

N°2 : In the same direction

placer casques jet meme sens 4

BIG BOX storage capacity

The BIG BOX has a storage capacity of 22 litres, ideal for carrying everything you need for your Vespa scooter trips.
Whether it is your personal belongings or to store several types of helmets, such as 2 jet helmets, 1 full face helmet or 1 modular helmet.

Storing your helmets outside the BIG BOX

The BIG BOX has ergos for hanging your helmets outside.
Great when you want to maximise the storage capacity of your BIG BOX for personal items or shopping,
while hanging your helmets securely.

Download the BIG BOX instructions for use

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BIG BOX the large capacity topcase for Vespa GTS, GTS Super and GTS Sei Giorni 125/300 cm3. You can store all types of helmets (full face, adjustable and jet) without worrying about where to put them when you travel.

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