Store two helmets under the seat

Made in France

BIG BOX the essential accessory for your Vespa

FLOWSKILLS Monaco based engineering company and designer of custom parts (INPI patent filing). 
Invites you to discover
BIG BOX the large capacity topcase (up to 2 jet helmets) for Vespa GTS, GTS Super and GTS Sei Giorni (125/300 cm3).
Compatible with 2019 and 2023 models.

“Made in France”

Discover the manufacturing process of the BIG BOX

BIG BOX for better comfort

Without the Vespa top case:

  • Keep the original line of the scooter
  • Easy to get on and off for the passenger
  • No more stolen helmets in the top case

With the BIG BOX:

  • Easy to install in 2 seconds
  • Leave without having to carry your helmets

Suitable for several types of helmets

Big coffre casque integrale 2
can contain a full face
Big coffre casque jet 2
can contain two jets
Big coffre casque modulable 2

can contain an adjustable

Functional comparison

Original Vespa box against BIG BOX

Price comparison

Vespa accessories against BIG BOX

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Technical comparison

Original Vespa box against BIG BOX

Test carried out under normal conditions of use

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Made in France – Large capacity Top Case for all Vespa GTS, GTS Super, GTV & GTS Sei Giorni models (125/300 cm3) from 2019 onwards. (Model 2023 included)

Store several types of helmets (Integral, jets, modular)

See instructions for use

Original price was: € 331.00.Current price is: € 295.00.

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Customer reviews

stars 5
“Having replaced the top box with the BIG BOX, my wife can easily jump on behind me”

Christophe and Esther

stars 5
“I sold my top case for the BIG BOX. With the difference, I offered a good meal to my wife, without having to bother with helmets”

Francis and Karine

stars 5

“It is my wife who gave me the BIG BOX and it’s so easy to assemble that she positioned it herself “


Jean-Christoph and Cathy

stars 5
“Without the top box, I went back to the original line of my Vespa and enjoy more storage capacity”




Videographer/Blogger specialising in Vespa (Germany)

Youtube channel: @VHangar


Specialist 2-wheel magazine (United Kingdom)


article scootering BIGBOX

Ozett’s Rollerwelt

Videographer/Blogger specialising in Vespa (Germany)

Youtube channel: @ozett

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Our network of partners extends mainly in France and Germany, and we are committed to expanding
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BIG BOX the large capacity topcase for Vespa GTS, GTS Super and GTS Sei Giorni 125/300 cm3. You can store all types of helmets (full face, adjustable and jet) without worrying about where to put them when you travel.

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